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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Mark Guilhereme, a co-founder and the designer-in-chief, explains the motivation behind the Collective's crest and colours.

We are proud to call one of Canada’s most diverse cities our home and it was essential that our crest reflected that. With shades of blue and orange pulled directly from the Mississauga flag, we’ve tied our identity as a supporters group to the vision and heritage of our city. These are the colours that fly above our city hall, are illuminated atop the renowned Absolute Towers and when our ambitions are successful, will be raised by us in the stands during Canadian Premier League match days.

At the centre of our crest is the Port Credit Lighthouse. Rebuilt in 1991 after a fire destroyed the original in 1936, the lighthouse serves as a beacon across Lake Ontario, visible for over 24 kilometres. Our vision of a Canadian Premier League club is one that can carry Mississauga’s name and unique identity across Canada, to act as a flag bearer from coast to coast and establish our city on the national scene. The symbolic significance of the lighthouse captures those ideals and serves as a perfect icon for our mission.

When choosing our name, we placed importance on making sure it was inclusive to the fast-growing and multicultural residents of Peel Region. It represents our shared goal of bringing a Canadian Premier League club to Mississauga, informally known to its locals as Sauga. With pride in our past and faith in our future, we are the Sauga City Collective.

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